Borne Down Upon

by Jeff McLeod

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Written, executed & recorded by Jeff McLeod at The Subversive Workshop between April and November of 2013.

This is the final release in a trilogy of recordings that began with 2011's Under Dim Self and continued with 2012's Scalps Of Gods.


released November 14, 2013

Synths, programming & vocals by Jeff McLeod
Artwork by Neal Williams at

Dedicated to no one, nothing, never & nonsense.



Track Name: Borne Down Upon
Exacerbate clear intention.
Fullest release into an urn.
Disharmony disavows
The coldest nothing else.

In the rain,
In the rain,
Dulling husk.

Intention clear, exacerbated.
The vessel filled with seed.
Disavowed, disharmonized.
Coldest self, the nothing.

Borne down upon.
Track Name: Last Of The Old Growth In A Gone World
Someone destroyed the sun's anomaly.
This was the note I found in the body.
Inked in blood, covered oh so fluidly.
This was an illness inherited, manufactured.

Only suffering.
Only being.
Only no one
Left to cure.

Someone destroyed your son's capability
And his capacity as one that cares or feels.
Inked in blood, covered oh so fluidly.
This was an illness inherited, manufactured.

Only suffering.
Only being.
Only no one
Left to cure.
Track Name: Thrive Nowhere
Uncondition unbecoming.
Underturner dries to grist.

Live nothing.
Thrive nowhere.

This, the zone of your unmirroring.
This, where subself is subserved.

Live nothing.
Thrive nowhere.

Overholymen kill the always.
Simultstrangling their tomorrows.
Track Name: Joyless Noise
Track Name: Abstract Coordinates
Fading away, exit in overdrive.
Cores will decay. When will my god arrive?
Slow underlay opens its petals, dies.
Force you alive. Life of a grave, you sigh.
Track Name: Chrysalis Of Gloom
In my dream, your face was shrouded
By black webs, thickening and thickening.
Your eyes melted into your brain
And you became me and I ate you.

Let this ending no longer be imagined.
Let this be the discontent of eternity.
Let this hole consume the world.
Let night descend forever and ever.

So it shall be, as you shall not unsee.
Track Name: Howl Not To Be
Inside of me there is nothing to see.
Floor filled with leaves, nothing to love, nothing to grieve.

Howl not to be.

A mind this free is nothing to see or believe.
Stillness, stale air, bottomless drain, bottomless drain.

Howl not to be.
Track Name: Undeciding Never Over
Everthinking over, over.
Undeciding never over.
Fake my will and store me, bore me
With your tale of ghostly orrery.
You, the ghost in chains before me.
Hand Of Glory in my belief.
Track Name: Feeble Signal